Obtaining an immunization certificate is a long and tedious process

People who have already been vaccinated abroad will now receive a certificate of vaccination.

Teku Hospital issues certificates to them, but a set of regulations set by many countries requires workers to obtain an immunization certificate with a QR (quick response code).

As Nepalese authorities are providing QR codes, people must register online or visit the National Research and Training Center in Kirtipur.

Mujahir Mansour, 24, a migrant worker, said he had already spent more than 100,000 rupees in Kathmandu and stayed here waiting for a vaccination, but he has not yet completed the procedure. “I was asked to come on a Thursday at 6am, but I was turned down because there is a limited number of tokens issued each day,” Mansour said.

He adds that he only received tokens on Saturday nights. However, Mansour reports that the wait is not over yet. “It’s 12 o’clock on a Sunday, but my badge number is 67, so I don’t know when my turn will come. The hospital starts issuing confirmation cards. 10 am, and now. There are only two people working in the verification department. So the process is very slow and you also have to go to Kirtipur to get the QR code. ”