24 Nepalese bodies transported from Malaysia to Nepal

The bodies of 24 people who died while working in Malaysia were transported to Nepal. The body was imprisoned in Malaysia for some time as it was unable to fly regularly during the pandemic. The Overseas Employment Agency said the body was brought in after the fuselage aircraft departed.

After bringing the young man’s body to his family, there were other bodies that had to be brought back from Malaysia. According to the board, at least 25 bodies have not yet arrived from Malaysia.

In other countries, young people who leave their jobs die every day. No steps have yet been taken to ensure the safety of young people who have arrived in various destinations for work after receiving medical certificates in Nepal.

According to the advice, Rs. In fiscal year 2077-78, 63.409 million people were transferred to the families of 1,242 people who died in other countries. Similarly, the insurance company provided more than 1 billion rupees to the victims’ relatives. The city council is providing financial support of 10 million won. 7 million per family in case of death of a person who received a work permit and went to work abroad. In addition, insurance companies allocate 14-15 lakhs per family to those sentenced to life imprisonment. There is a rule that you cannot work abroad without life insurance.